Deactivate Rokit KRK Auto Standby – Deactivation with Software

Deactivate the auto standby of the KRK Rokit Studio Monitors G3

I recently bought the KRK Rokit 5 G3 studio monitors which are a great product in general but the auto standby feature after 30 minutes can be pretty annoying. Therefore I read several posts in the internet and did quite some research. There might be an option to open the monitors and fix them with a hardware fix but a forum post inspired me to write a small windows executable that will play a 10Hz sound for 500ms every 25 minutes. Usually one can not hear a 10Hz sound so this happens without even noticing but keeps the KRK Rokits from going into standby.

Update (New version


  • Added capability to play wav file. Check the respective checkbox and the wav will be played instead of the tone that would be generated by a function generator. It comes with a wav file that has a frequency of 10Hz. The form shown below:
  • Please use the program on your own risk. No detailed testing done so far. Appreciate every input and ideas for improvement. To the mac users: I apologize but as I am Windows user forever no high hopes for a mac version soon. The Java version (RMAS2) will not be maintained in the near future.

Update (New version

Minor changes:

  • Fixed problem that RMAS will prevent Windows to shutdown.

Update (New version

Minor changes:

  • Added warning when exiting the program, thanks Al for the feedback!

Update (New version

Deactivate ROKIT KRK Auto Standby - RMAS v1.0.2.1
New Systray Menu

Minor changes:

  • Systray Icon now shows all te time even if main window is shown.
  • Systray Icon right click shows Menu. Deactivate stops the timer, Activate starts the timer and Exit, well.. 🙂

Update (New version

Deactivate ROKIT KRK Auto Standby - RMAS v1.0.2.0
Deactivate ROKIT KRK Auto Standby – RMAS v1.0.2.0

Changes: Please check changelog.txt within .zip file

Update (New version

Deactivate ROKIT KRK Auto Standby - RMAS v1.0.1.0
Deactivate ROKIT KRK Auto Standby – RMAS v1.0.1.0

The application RMAS – RokitMonitorAntiStandby

This is a very simple application and today’s first test is promising so far. The window can be minimized into the system tray and will work in the background. There is a noticable sound when playing the 10Hz sine wave for 500ms. This seems to appear when starting and stopping the sound. You can test the sound by clicking on the Test Sound button within the app. Below a screenshot of initial version:

RMAS - Screenshot
RMAS – Screenshot of the application

Please note that you might need to tune the system volume to a higher level and decrease the volume for the applications that you are running below the -50db threshold were the Rokits deactivate. Therefore if the over all sound level is too low this app won’t help.

More features in development

If you have ideas what might be useful for future versions, please feel free to add a comment!


Please use this application on your own risk! I won’t take any responsibility on broken hardware or software. For me it works without issues but decide yourself if you want to give it a try.

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  1. I was thinking on creating a small program just like this one.
    I tested yours, but find I hear a click when the tone turns on and off. I also noticed that the Windows system volume needs to be turned up.

    I haven’t investigated the clicking – not sure if it is caused by the interface being open and closed.

    I do have a thought about the volume. Since using WIndows standard audio drivers mean playing the tone through the Windows audio stack, and ultimately through Windows mixer, wouldn’t it be better to use ASIO to bypass the mixer, and let us set our own volume? I was actually looking into what it takes to write a C++ program to use ASIO, and came across this site:

    If the clicking isn’t caused by opening and closing the audio driver, maybe the tone is doing it, and ramping the volume up and down might help. If the clicking is caused by opening and closing the audio driver, could it be left open so long as the program is running?

    I’d love to help you make this program better, if it helps KRK Rokit users. I am extremely disappointed in Gibson, the KRK Rokit speakers, and the auto shut-off. I’m also looking for ways to mod the speakers to prevent shut-off.

    1. Hi,
      Thanks for the feedback. I think you might actually be right with open/close of the interface. Let me do some testing over the weekend and try to get rid of the click 😉
      Best regards,

  2. Hii,
    thank you for your idea to have a programm to deactivate Rokit KRK Auto Standby! I have now a mac, do you have a dmg file instead of the exe to help me get calm with this annoying feature of KRK?

    Thank you in advance

    with many greetings
    Andreas Paparousos

  3. Vielen danke! This saved my life because I like to listen music at night in a very low level and I really hate that the speakers go to standby because that. Just one request could you just make a warning to avoid the program to close like „Are you sure you want to close this application?“, It is very easy to click on the x and then forget about it. Once again thanks for your work.

      1. Hi again, thanks a lot for your quickness, it works perfect. Maybe is too much asking but it would be great also to have a 2 things more:
        1. A timer with the possibility of having the program working only at certain hours, in my case during the night, as during the day I don´t need it
        2. And also would be cool to limit the „frequency“ range (just the range needed) to avoid problems. Again thanks for your work! Ich wünsche dir einen schönen Tag

        1. Hi Al,
          Thanks for the positive feedback! One thing that I realized though that I need to fix: When shutting down the Computer, the application is preventing from a clean shutdown. Will be fixed soon.
          Furthermore thanks for the new ideas. Should be easy to integrate. Will do all at once I guess. I think you deserve your special thanks in the Software 🙂
          Take care,

  4. Hi.
    It seems a good try, but I think this app would be useful only for who set the volume level high to some degree.
    I want to keep the volume quite low. As you know, in the low volume status KRK go standby mode after some time pass.
    If I use this app, 10Hz sound(or any Hz sound made by the app) will also be played in low volume too. So I presume this could not prevent KRK to go standby mode. Is it right?

    1. Hi, the app does only prevent the Rokits to go to standby as long as the overall volume is high in windows. You need to decrease the volume in the actual app that plays sound you want to hear. Example:

      Sound Interface set to 25% volume
      Windows sound set to 100% (above the auto standby detection threshold)
      Playing music with 20%

      RMAS will play a sound with system volume level.

      Hope that makes sense to you. Let me know if you have further questions.

      Best regards,

    1. Hi Christopher,
      Sorry that I can only provide it for Windows. Right now unfortunately no real chance for me to compile a MAC version.
      Thanks for the feedback!
      Best regards,

  5. I just wanted to thank you for this program. It works perfectly.

    I had made several changes to my audio setup, including a new USB interface, new audio cables, a new pair of Rokit 5’s, and software. So when the audio started cutting out, it took a long time to even isolate what was causing it. I was both amazed and infuriated that KRK would design an auto-standby feature which they do not advertise and that you cannot bypass. Your tool here is a perfect workaround, no issues so far!

  6. It would be great if a version for Mac (dmg) will be available soon. When this happens please let us know!
    Thank you,

    1. Hi Claudia,
      I wish I could help you Mac folks but unfortunately I cannot! If it happens I will of course put it online here.
      Best regards,

  7. Hi! I’m a musician and using two sound cards. One on the motherboard for listening, and one external for playing and making music. Is it possible to redirect sound which wakes up my KRK Rokit monitors to my external audio card (Presonus 192 Mobile with ASIO drivers)?

    1. Hi Zlatko,

      Sorry for the late response. Have been busy with other things 🙂

      I will have a look into that. Your feedback is highly appreciated.

      Best regards,

      1. Thanks for your answer. I hope you will have enough time to solve this. It will be nice to see option to choose sound card in the settings.ini, maybe something like this:

        1. Sorry for the silent period. Lot to do recently.
          Will work on it today and provide and update later. I have multiple sound cards as well. Maybe I can add a drop down and when saving settings it will be as you described in the .ini.

  8. Hi there, thank you for putting this application. I have the Rokit5 and it is is really annoying when they pass into a stand-by in the middle of things.

    One issue I have is that each one of the speakers passes into a stand-by at a different time, maybe by 5 minutes difference, or so. This means that I have to manually initiate the sound for the second speaker. Is there a way to have the ability to change the interval of the signal initiation (say not every 30 minutes but something like send a signal at 25 min, then at 30 min, and so on?

    1. Hi, thanks for your comment. So you are asking if you can have different timing intervals for R and L channel? This is something I can implement.
      If you just want to reduce the timing you can change the „Set Time“ value in seconds. Currently it is set to 25 minutes: 1500 seconds / 60 = 25. You could reduce it to lets say 1200 seconds for 20 minutes.
      Let me know

  9. Hello. I really like your application. But I really miss the function „launching the application with Windows“. I tried to do it myself, using Windows and third-party programs. But at the start it gives an error that it cannot find the icon file in the system32 folder. And also the settings from the .ini file are not loaded.

    im so sorry for my eng

  10. Hi,
    I am using your tool for a while now. Recently I bought a subwoofer (ESI active 10s) aditionally to my Rokit 5, which „connects through“ the signal but also allows to define a crossover frequency. Since I use my Rokit with the ESI I notice that RMAS does not work anymore and the Rokit are going to standby. It seems that the ESI cuts off the frequencies below a specific threshold.
    So I changed the settings in RMAS from „play wav“ (10Hz) and set it to 20kHz which you also can’t hear (me not). Now I think it’s working again.

    1. Excellent. Added the options to define either own frequency or to use wav. You could use a wav file generated with Audacity as well with that frequency.
      Best regards,

  11. Excuse my previous post, apparently I pasted the wrong link. Mod, please delete my previous post.

    Finally get rid of the auto standby for good.

    Check out the instructions in the thread here:

    I performed the mod to my two KRK Rokit 8 G3’s, and they no longer go into standby.

    It would be trivial to add a switch to enable/disable auto standby if you still wished to have that feature at times.

    As with any mods, perform them at your own risk. A speaker that goes into auto-standby is still better than a speaker that stops working because your electronics ran out of smoke.

  12. Thanks for the app, I’ve been using it for a while but the solution is so simple that you actually don’t need any app or yet worse, some hardware soldering mods that could damage your speakers.
    All you need to do is, use the volume control on the back of your KRK speakers (if they have them, like mine KRK Rokits have). Set your audio interface to higher volume so the speakers don’t turn off (because it’s too loud). Then, set the volume on the back of the speaker to -6dB or lower like I did (your desired and normal quiet listening evening volume) and they won’t turn off since you are feeding them with higher volume output from your audio interface but you are outputting lower volume from them to your room. Also you can now set your audio player to 100% this way.. 🙂

    1. In general a good idea but I like to have total control on the volume levels of my audio interface and the speakers. Might be a solution for some users though so thanks for the feedback!

  13. Downloaded this yesterday to try and overcome the auto standby feature of my R5’s which was driving me mad!! The program has worked flawlessly – the speakers now stay on all day for as long as the pc is on at any volume even really low levels. My input is set at zero dB. I’ve also created a shortcut link which I put into the start-up folder so the program runs without me having to do anything at all. A fantastic piece of software, thank you so much

  14. I have an opposite question for you!

    I have a pair of KRK G4 speakers connected to a Scarlett 2i2 and an iMac; my speakers refuse to go to sleep unless I turn off the interface. I am using balanced cables which I have read may be causing the issue. They do *very occasionally* go to sleep but I can’t replicate it.

    Before I waste any money – have you any theories as to why my speakers seem to be detecting something that’s keeping them awake?


    1. Hi Ian,
      sorry for the late reply. Unfortunately that is sth. I do not have any ideas on.
      You might want to check forums and ask your question there.
      Hope you find a solution.

  15. I just might mention that I have a pair of Klipsch Promedia desktop speakers that I was having the same problem with. Frustrating to have to go pack and turn them back on every ten minutes.
    This small app works like a charm. Thank You!

  16. Hi,

    Thanks for the app, it has been very useful for me. Couple of comments:
    1, For me the sound is definitely audible as I use a subwoofer in my system. Does not cause any inconvenience, but it took me some time to figure out why my floor is shaking sometimes as if there was an underground line close by. 😀
    2. The frequency does not change if I try to change it in the UI, no matter what number I set it plays 10Hz.

    1. Hi Peter,
      1. Ups, sorry for that 🙂 Glad it wasn’t an earthshake!
      2. Did you uncheck the „Play wav“? This is needed to let the program generate the wave file. With this checkbox checked it uses a wav file instead.
      Hope that solves your issue.

      1. Hi kuLLe,

        Basically right after sending my comment I realised that your software was playing a wav, so it is working fine, its my bad. You can ignore my comment.
        I have already created a 20kHz wav file that is supposed to be inaudible for me.

  17. Hello everybody!
    Just a small update: I created a Ko-fi account for everybody who wants to appreciate my work and send me a small tip. Totally optionally.
    Take care and enjoy the rest of the hopefully more quite and relaxing time of the year!

  18. Hello,I have the rocket 8 together with the subwoofer 10, the program doesn’t work for me, do I have to make some settings on the speakers?do you have any idea?

    1. No, wouldn’t expect any other settings. Maybe make sure that your sound levels of your speakers are not too low. In that case the sound might not be enough to keep the speakers awake

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